Online gambling does not fuel gambling addiction

This is according to a finding of a recent research done by Gambling Research Australia. The study that reached the conclusion after having 15,000 phone interviews, the study also included 4500 surveys that were conducted online as well as 50 interviews which were taken from in person.

Among those interviewed were 31 gamblers who had previously sought help because gambling addictions.

graThe finding from the study has it that most gamblers begin gambling from casinos to online and not from online to the casino. The fact that online casinos are more accessible and convenient had lead to an earlier assumption that it will foster addiction to gambling a fact that the findings opposes. The study find no reason to justify the fear that many people had for online gambling that it may increase gambling addiction.

The study also found out that playing poker was not as addictive as playing other online games. The study found out that out of 31 gambling addicts, only two were poker players. This therefore meant that players of poker were not exposed to gambling addictions as much as players of other gambling games.

The research also investigated if some of these online sites offered any help for those already addicted to gambling. However it was found that most gambling sites did not have any links that would lead to any source of valuable information that may help reform already addicted gamblers. This study may shun all the criticism that are associated with online gambling.

Online gambling may be thought as addictive since it uses the internet platform that is addictive in its own nature.

However the Australians were warned by the Prime Minister Tony Abbott that strict penalties will be implemented against online gambling offenders. With this study maybe Australians may be surprised to hear the prime minister change his mind about online gambling and allow the citizens to indulge in it freely without fear of arrest by law enforcers. This research may add some facts into the already heated debates about online gambling in Australia.