Majestic Slots acquires Three Fitzgeralds Casinos

What usually happens is that land-based casinos make the transition to the online environment and open a counterpart that operates over the majesticlogoInternet.

Majestic Slots is already an accomplished online casino and recently it found it worthwhile to acquire Three Fitzgeralds Casinos.

This establishment is located in Tunica, Colorado and they also purchased a property in Las Vegas, in an attempt of expanding to one of the hottest gambling hubs in the world.

The online casino group spent almost €150 million in cash and also assumed certain liabilities, in order to set this important milestone. They are owned by Don Barden, a Detroit businessman who became as a result of this acquisition, the first African-American to be the owner of a national casino company. While this means a great deal for Don and his associates, it could also transform the way local casino fans enjoy their favorite games.

The fact that these guys have been around for such a long time operating online, should help them succeed at this level as well. Many of the slot machines that are currently enjoyed over the Internet could be introduced in a format that will be available for conventional players. This is not the first time that they purchase a brick-and-mortar establishment and past performance suggests that they are more than capable of turning this new casino into a lucrative business.

Three Fitzgeralds Casinos is conveniently located close to Memphis Tennessee and the property employs in excess of 1100 people. It is not only a great destination for gamblers, but also those who want to spend some quality time in a luxurious resort that includes three restaurants and a hotel.

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